Welcome to Sodankylä, the center of the most beautiful Lapland!

Sodankylä is in the middle of the most beautiful Lapland. Come and experience international atmosphere, local festivities and everything between. To us, the lappish hospitality is legendary. Enjoy the surrounding nature, international events and lots of activities.Sodankylä is located in between two national parks, Urho Kekkonen national park and Pyhä-Luosto national park. Find the offerings ofmother nature: clean and pure nature and vast wilderness in our national parks. Find the riches of soil: gold and amethyst. Visit Tankavaara Gold Museum and Lampivaara Amethyst Mine. Find the miracles of skies: dazzling aurora borealis and the midnight sun and of course - find all the eight seasons of Lapland. See Aurora Borealis all year round in Aurora House Pohjan Kruunu.

There is a free wifi in the village centre FreeSodankyla.

The best day-trip destinatons

Get to know the best day-trip destinations in Sodankylä through the link below. For example, the Pappilanniemi nature path is located in the centre of Sodankylä. It is 3 kilometers long and suits for the whole family! Admire two rivers, Kitinen and Jeesiö which flow next to the beautiful path. There is also a place to make a campfire if you get hungry and want to relax and eat!

Museum-Gallery Alariesto

Museum-Gallery Alariesto can be found right in the centre of Sodankylä, right next to the reindeer statue and the old church, in the Sodankylä House. The Museum-Gallery was opened in July 1986. The museum's permanent exhibition displays artist Andreas Alariesto's life and works.

Great activities in Sodankylä

Follow the link below, choose a period and see what you can do in Sodankylä! Hop onto a snowmobile, stroke a reindeer or go on a guided husky safari. There are quieter activities available in Sodankylä, too: you can climb a fell, fish, have a picnic and take photos surrounded by peace and quiet.