On street level, Bar Krouvi serves travelers in a relaxed and uncomplicated manner.

At street level, Bar Krouvi serves travelers in a relaxed and uncomplicated manner. Simple self-service, casual and affordable food for the wanderer’s wallet, along with tasty drinks, and an intriguing collection of tabletop games – that’s what our Krouvi is all about.

Tasty food and refreshing drinks from Bar Krouvi!

Restaurant Bar Krouvi
Mon-Thu 4 PM-11 PM
Fri-Sat 4 PM-12 AM
Kitchen 5 PM-9 PM

For parties over 6pax, please book in advance by calling: +358 10 230 5000.

Do you have any allergies?

Ask the staff more about allergens! We will answer with pleasure.

BarKrouvi is the perfect place to eat!

“Oiva” is a food control inspection information disclosure system that brings the control results of food industry companies to the attention of consumers. In Oiva, the food control authorities evaluate the food safety of companies. Inspection results are published with smiley faces on this website as the food authorities carry out inspections.

Read our “Oiva” report here!

Bar Krouvi menu


Goat cheese toast 9€
Tomato-leek jam, herb oil Available gluten-free.

Shrimp Skagen (L) 12€
Toasted bread, shrimps, mayo Available gluten-free

Fried Tofu cheese with marinated vegetables (VE,G) 10€
Salad with paprika sauce

Forest Mushroom soup and Flat Bread (G, L) 11€


Smashburger & fries (L) 21€
Potato bun, Finnish beef steak (2 pieces 80g), lettuce, tomato, red onion jam, cheddar cheese, chili mayo
Available gluten free.

Vegetarian burger & fries (L) 18€
Potato bun, veggie steak (120g), lettuce, tomato, red onion jam, cheddar cheese, vegan mayonnaise.
Available gluten free.


Main courses

Smoked Reindeer pasta (L) 23€
Cold smoked reindeer meat, Parmesan cheese Available gluten-free.

Grill plate (L) (G) 32€
Grilled chicken (60g) (FIN), bratwurst, pork fillet (80g) (FIN), french fries and red onion jam, BBQ and chili mayo

Sauteed Reindeer (L) (G) 28€
Mashed potatoes, sugar lingonberries, sweet pickles

Grilled Whitefish Peerâ style (L) (G) 26€
Carrot butter sauce, herb oil, roasted vegetables Additional options: mashed potatoes (L) (G) 3€, french fries (L) (G) 2€

Peerâ Herb steak 30€
150g beef steak (FIN) potato cake, roasted vegetable (L) (G)


Blueberry Pie with vanilla ice cream (L) 10€
Available gluten-free.

Ice cream scoop 3€/ball
Pine nut ice cream (L) (G) Chocolate (L) (G) Liquorice (L) (G) Rhubarb sorbet (VG) (G)

Lapland Bread Cheese pudding & Cloudberry jam (L) (G) 10€


Smoked Reindeer pasta (L) 11€

Sautéed reindeer (L) (G) (FIN) 9€

Burger & french fries (L) 9€
Available gluten-free.

White Fish with mashed potatoes (L) (G) 12€

Welcome to test out BarKrouvi!